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About me

Naushad A. Haque

Meet Haque, a dedicated individual driven by the passion to uplift others. Hi, I’m Naushad A Haque, and I share Haque's fervor for empowering virtual bookkeeping professionals to thrive in their endeavors. This journey started with a simple desire to assist others, blossoming into a global community through various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Through my business, Mavency, I've cultivated a team dedicated to making a positive impact in the small business world. As for my background, I've spent over two decades in public accounting and corporate settings before leaping into entrepreneurship during the recession of 2010. Despite the challenges, I forged ahead with Mavency, shaping it into an award-winning QuickBooks accounting firm specializing in assisting Shopify sellers across the USA. On a personal note, I'm a Certified Public Accountant hailing from Texas, with a zest for creative expression through art, music, and dance. I am Eric, and I find joy in savoring delicious meals together, balancing it out with our love for fitness activities. Being a native of Chile, my "Texas Chile" accent adds a unique flavor to my identity. Join me as I continue to blend my professional expertise with a passion for life outside the box.


University of Missouri-Kansas City Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Accounting and Finance


Considerable experience in hedge fund accounting, tax and auditing. Experience in small business accounting and tax.